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Paper 3

Fundamentals of Laws & Ethics 

About Fundamentals of Laws & Ethics 

Law is a set of rules, regulations, principles, guidelines & theories governing an activity and Business Law are those laws which govern a trade, profession or business. So basically, Business Law governs Trade & Commerce. It is also called as Mercantile Law. One of the oldest legislations of Mercantile was Indian Contract Act which was enacted in the year 1872.Ethics is a branch of philosophy that involves recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. It sets ethical standards Ethics is a social science and it is subjective in nature.

This paper is divided into 2 Parts. In part 1, you will be gaining knowledge on Fundamentals of Laws and in Part B, you will be learning Fundamentals of Ethics.At CMA Foundation level, students are expected to have a basic and elementary knowledge on various Statutory enactments relating to Indian Business and at later stages you will be introduced to Laws at an advanced level.Study of Ethics helps you to cultivate inner peace, making your life more successful at a personal level and since you will also be applying Ethics in Business, you will be able to cultivate the art of managing business with the right moral standards. 

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CS Akshata Rao


CS Shruthi Prakash


CA Anushree Bansal

1 Indian Contract Act, 1872

Lecture icon  14 Lectures                      Know More

2 Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

3 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

4 Ethics and Business

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

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