CA Vikas Oswal

About the Faculty

CA Vikas Oswal is a Fellow Member of the ICAI and resides in Bangalore. He has over 12 years’ experience in teaching auditing for CA Intermediate and CA Final students at ICAI and other private institutions. He is the author of one of the most definitive books on Audit for CA Intermediate/CA IPCC & CA Final students. His way of teaching concepts is dynamic, dramatic and entertaining. An FCA, he holds various diplomas like DISA and ACS. 

Teaching Experience 

He is a faculty at ICAI and other private institutions for more than 12 years. He has also been associated with various study circles and conducted presentations on topics related to Auditing, Company Law and other related areas.  

My teaching philosophy: I am extremely passionate about teaching and love connecting with students. As far as possible, I try to speak the language of the students and I like to entertain them while teaching. This dramatic way of teaching I employ ensures that concepts become more memorable to the students.  

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab 

I try to speak the language of students. I have a dramatic flair and I use animation to get the points across. This use of technology will help students to understand the concepts well and give them a memorable experience.  

My advice to Professional Students 

Today, you need equip yourself with the latest updates of SAs, AS, Company Audit, Bank Audit, Special Audits, Audit of Public Sector Undertakings, Corporate Governance, Peer Review, Professional Ethics, etc. Use mnemonics and other techniques to remember concepts easily. And remember, work out a lot of previous years’ exam questions so that you understand the Institutes expect from you as an answer. 

Dear soldiers go approach the exams with any fear … be prepared … courage is the father of success … load your guns and keep firing! 

Introduction to Analytical Procedure
Concept of Audit Sampling
CA Intermediate (Paper 6)
CS Foundation (Paper 4)
CMA Intermediate (Paper 12)
CMA Final (Paper 19)
CA Anand P Jangid
CA Hariharan
CA Manali Ganediwal
CA Easwaran TPS
Auditing and Assurance

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