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CA Intermediate - Paper 4 : Taxation

ICAI has introduced this paper taxation at CA Intermediate Level where you cover Income Tax Laws and Indirect Tax (GST).

Success may lie outside the comfort zone, but it is definitely inside the effort zone” - Wish you all the best 😉  

Why Taxes are Paid
Introduction to Set off and Carry Forward
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More about Taxation

What is Taxation?
  • Both Direct taxes (DT) and Indirect taxes (IDT) are core subjects for the CA profession 
  • CA Intermediate taxation is one such subject that undergoes huge amount of changes every year. To stay updated is the biggest task here  
  • Studying this subject gives you basic knowledge of the Income tax and moderate knowledge of GST which helps in application of the same in practical situations 


Why did ICAI introduce this paper, Taxation, at CA Intermediate Level?
  • To introduce tax laws at this level is ideal since, students will be exposed to practical training during/after this level for which basic knowledge is necessary 
  • This paper acts as a good base for CA Final DT and IDT 
What are the topics covered in Taxation at CA Intermediate Level?
  • Income Tax Law – 60 Marks 
  • Indirect Taxes (GST) – 40 Marks 
What is the best approach to study Taxation?
  • Make your own notes. Your hand-written notes come to rescue during last minute revision 
  • Solve good number of problems for Income tax 
  • Read the right material applicable for your exam 
  • 3 average answers are always better than 1 best answer 
  • Even though taxation looks like a practical subject, it is completely based on law behind it. So, you can crack it only if you know the theory well 
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