Prof. Supritha Marla

About the Faculty

Supritha Marla has earned an MBA graduate in the area of Human Resources, and currently resides in Bangalore. She also has a B.Sc in mathematics and is a faculty at LearnCab, as well being an HR manager. Her academic achievements include being a topper in Human Resources in her post graduate degree. She says that “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them."

Teaching Experience 

She has taught Mathematics, Statistics and Logical Reasoning in many different institutions and academies over a period of 8 years. Because online coaching is the future, she is extremely excited to reach out to more students by teaching on the LearnCab platform.   

My teaching philosophy:  I am passionate about teaching and helping others learn about the curriculum. I believe that a good teacher is one who truly understands the subject and enjoys learning more about it.  

Employment Experience  

Before getting associated with Learncab, Supritha Marla worked as an HR professional and teacher for a period of 8 years.   

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab 

I approach teaching on LearnCab by means of using presentations, going through problems and having students perform various activities that keep them engaged with the material.  

My advice to Professional Students  

As a student, you should make use of the technology available to excel. You should be focused, dedicated and try to clear your exams within 2 attempts. Also, you should be passionate about your career path; don’t take it up just because of external pressures.  

Hobbies and Other Interests  

Professor Supritha Marla loves travelling. She says that travelling helps her to increase her self-confidence and gives her breathing space as it takes her away from her daily routine. 

Concept of Ratio
Blood Relation(Problems)-II

Problem on Combination
CA Foundation (Paper 3)
CS Foundation (Paper 3)
CA Final (Paper 1)
CS Bhavya Parvathi K
CA Hariharan
CMA Raveendranath Kaushik
CA Vageesh Hegde

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