Prof. Subbaraman  P

About the Faculty

P Subbaraman is known as the Tax Master by students. He is one of the most experienced faculty at LearnCab with over 20+ years experience. His journey as a professional combines hard work along with sincere dedication to his craft. He currently resides in Chennai but has taught all over South India including Bangalore and Cochin! 

Teaching Experience  

He is a faculty at many academies and institutions including Shradda Academy, GreyMatters Academy, Premier Academy etc. He has taught over 50000 students in his 20 years’ career! He focuses on Taxation (Both Direct and Indirect) for CA Inter and CA Final. His clear and dedicated approach to teaching this subject has earned him the title of Tax Master by students! 

My teaching philosophy: I am passionate about teaching and love connecting with students. I believe that a conservative approach to teaching is the best.  

Employment Experience 

P Subbaraman focuses on teaching and has taught over 50000 students in a 20 year period.   

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab 

Teaching by means of pre-recorded online video lectures is challenging. But I do not change my approach to teaching in any significant way apart from adapting it to online teaching. All the problems I go through are based on past papers but with modifications. This way, students get the best of both worlds: they are able to go through unique problems but at the same time they are exposed to the same kind of problems that they would see in the exams.  

My advice to Professional Students  

As a student you should be conservative in your approach and taught. Be simple, be kind and be humble. 

Hobbies and Other Interests  

P Subbaraman is passionate about teaching and treats it as a hobby as well! 

Evaluation Question
Capital Gain & Capital Assests
Clubbing of Income
CA Intermediate (Paper 4)
CS Executive (Paper 4)
CS Executive (Paper 7)
CA Justin Raj
CA Jose Kurian
CA Praveen Jain

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