Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation

Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation

CMA Final - Paper 20 : Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation

ICMAI has introduced this paper Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation at the CMA Final level to help you in making strategic decisions by analysing performance and business valuation. 

Conceptual Framework of Performance Management

Mergers and Corporate Restructuring - Problem 1
Concept of Dividend Based valuation
Introduction to Valuation of goodwill
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What is “Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation”? 
  • Depending on the risk profile of the business, strategic decisions will be made. This would need evaluation that involves large numbers and various items of Financial statements  
  • This paper helps in providing all the knowledge on techniques and principles of Valuation 
Why has ICMAI introduced this paper, Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation, at the CMA Final level?
  • Management needs econometric tools for strategic decision making which is supported by cost accountant with analysis on Performance and Business valuation 
  • Understanding the techniques and logics of valuation at various levels of Financial details is mandatory to make the right decisions 
What are the topics covered in Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation at the CMA Final Level? 
  • An equal weightage on Performance analysis and Business Valuation is given involving multiples tools and techniques of valuation 
  • Theory explaining the concepts are not to be ignored as they play vital role in both understanding the practical issues and help in scoring marks 
  • Methods of valuation in areas of inventory, investments, intangibles, human resources, liabilities and value-added concept are a major part in problem solving areas 
What is the best approach to studying for the Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation paper? 
  • Considering the volume of syllabus of this paper, it is highly recommended to start the preparation as soon as your registration 
  • There are many books which are available in the market as well as various books recommended by ICMAI. However, from the point of view of exam and to conceptually understand the entire syllabus, Study materials given by ICMAI is highly recommended. Cover the ICMAI syllabus in detail and don’t indulge in any selective coverage of syllabus 
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CA Chinmaya Hegde 58 32
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Available Lectures for Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation
Paper 20: Strategic Performance management and Business Evaluation
Chapter  Lectures
Series 1: 
Study Note 1: Conceptual Framework of performance Management 2
Study Note 2: Performance Evaluation & Improvement Tools 6
Study Note 6: Valuation Models 10
Study Note 7: Valuation of Assets and Liabilities 14
Study Note 8: Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions 8
Study Note 9: SPM and BV - Exam Question Paper 1 4
Study Note 10: Crash Course 4