Shruthi Prakash

 CS Shruthi prakash

About the Faculty

CS Shruthi Prakash, is an Associate Company Secretary residing in Bangalore. She is a faculty at LearnCab and also works full-time in the Product Development Team. Her qualifications include a post graduate degree from National Law School of India University in Business Law (MBL) and a B.Com from Bangalore University. Her journey as a professional started early in college and is a blend of dedication and smart work. This has enabled her to achieve many successes both as a student and a professional.   

Teaching Experience  

CS Shruthi Prakash has taught at top universities & educational institutions in Bangalore, right from Christ University to St. Joseph's. She was also a faculty at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Bangalore Chapter for more than 2 years. She has taught over 1500+ students at various private academies and universities spread across Bangalore. She feels that online coaching has the potential to reach this generation of students in a much more effective manner, but she also feels that conventional methods of teaching will still have its place in education. She is excited to reach out to more students by being a faculty at LearnCab. CS Shruthi Prakash’s passions is to mentor students through the online platform and make a positive change to their future.  

My teaching philosophy:  I love to connect with students and teach. I feel that a good teacher is one who can relate to students and who teaches from the student’s perspective by understanding their knowledge level and is always approachable to students.   

Employment Experience 

Before getting associated with Learncab, CS Shruthi Prakash, started her career at Ascend Telecom Private Limited, Bangalore, where some of the key areas of her work included assisting in legal and secretarial compliances, labour laws and audits. She then moved to teaching and began her teaching career at Christ University in the year 2014.  

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab  

Teaching via online video lectures using presentations is an interesting challenge. Real time interaction is still relevant in many areas of education. Having said that, I do believe that online teaching is the way of the future. I teach the subjects by providing a detailed presentation along with the explanation of the content. This way, by leveraging technology I feel that I can give the students of LearnCab the best possible chances to succeed.  

My advice to Professional Students  

As a student, you should have Perseverance, Focus, Dedication, Passion for the course and Vision to succeed. One should not just worry about number of attempts to clear an exam, rather students should first understand that it is a learning process.  Be passionate about the course you have taken and do not merely memorize concepts to pass the exams.  

Hobbies and Other Interests 

She strives to constantly improve herself and this translates to her reading novels & self-improvement books. CS Shruthi Prakash also likes to play badminton and you can find her indulging in these activities in her free time 


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Negotiable Instruments Act,1881
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CS Shruthi Prakash
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