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Risk Management-1

Risk Management

CA Final - Paper 6A : Risk Management

At the CA Final level, in the elective paper Risk Management, you are taught about what is risk, Source and evaluation of risks, Risk Management, Quantitative analysis, Risk Model, Credit risk measurement and management, Risk associated with corporate governance, Enterprise risk management and Operational risk management.

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Risk Management
Introduction to Statistics and its Relationship with Risk Management
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More about Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk management is the process of identifying, monitoring and continuously controlling various threats to an organisation.  

Why has ICAI introduced this paper, Risk Management, at CA Final Level?

Chartered Accountants work closely with business organisations. This subject helps to analyse, and gain understanding of various types of risks and challenges faced by an organisation and is intended to provide ability to mitigate risks.  

What are the topics covered in Risk Management?
  • Introduction to risk 
  • Source and evaluation of risks 
  • Risk Management 
  • Quantitative analysis 
  • Risk Model 
  • Credit risk measurement and management 
  • Risk associated with corporate governance 
  • Enterprise risk management 
  • Operational risk management  
What is the best approach to study Risk Management?
  • 3 times revision of the entire study material is essential 
  • Open book exams are challenging, and so you must know your concepts well 
  • Read the entire case study only once to manage time; you can proceed to answer all the MCQ’s even without referring to the case study again and again. 
  • Try to pocket full marks in MCQs. Note that a brief reasoning is compulsory for MCQs 
  • Make best utilisation of full time given to you in the exams; write mock tests to develop your strategies and manage your risk in the exam well! 
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