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CMA Raveendranath Kaushik

About the Faculty

CMA Raveendranath Kaushik is a Cost Management Accountant residing in Bangalore. His qualifications include a MA (ECONOMICS), MPhil (ECONOMICS), MBF, PG TAX LAWS, FCMA. His journey as a professional is by hard work by reading and referring a lot of books because of a lack of resources. This determination to help him succeed has helped him achieve numerous awards and honours including SADHAK, Life Time Achievement Awarded by TMT for the year 2018.He has also participated in Panel Discussions and live programs on TV, given key note address in various National, International and State level Conferences. A resource person with SEBI, he is an assessor for CII in National Skill Development Corporation, Govt of India, and a Member of Direct Tax Committee of Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce.   

Teaching Experience 

Raveendranath Kaushik’s teaching experience spans 8 years. He has taught as faculty in various academies and Universities such as the University of Bangalore, VTU, CMA Institute (Bangalore Chapter) and the Fiscal Policy Institute, Government of Karnataka. During this time, he has taught over 5000 students and hopes to reach out to more via online teaching.  

My teaching philosophy: GURU in Sanskrit means, “GU” stands for Darkness and “RU” stands for the one who brings out of Darkness. Anyone who understands and practices this is a good teacher.  

Employment and Practice Experience 

He has around 17 years’ experience in work experience working in different streams of the Finance Domain.  

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab  

My approach is simple and need based. I concentrate on what is required for students to understand, and I give importance and relevance to core concepts that are most important for professional exams.   

My advice to Professional Students 

Kill your weakness, by converting them to challenge. God has created us with various body part and also given instructions to them and they need to be used for same (e.g. Eyes to see, Nose to smell, tongue to taste, etc.) but, it is only the brain, which He left it free and this is something which each one of us should program it in whatever way we want to use it. Your destiny depends on how you plan and program your brain. It is a gift given by God to all of us. Today Hard Disk available has a capacity; Brain is one hard disk which has no capacity (Purna Madha). It is how you program it, which is very important. One thing each one of you should remember is that- “Mind should be under your control and not the other way.”  

Hobbies and Other Interests  

CMA Raveendranath Kaushik is passionate about research activities and is working closely with Bengaluru University and Karnataka Evaluation Authority in research projects.He is also associated with many industrial bodies like LUB, FKCCI and BCIC in providing professional services.  

Service Costing
Break Even Analysis
Cost Audit
CA Intermediate (Paper 3)
CS Executive (Paper 2)
CMA Intermediate (Paper 10)
CMA Intermediate (Paper 8)
CA Hariharan
CS Bhavya Parvathi K
CA Tarun Jagdish
CA Vageesh Hegde

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