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Advanced Management Accounting

About Advanced Management Accounting

The application of cost accounting techniques is of great importance in any industry. You get to have an advanced level understanding in the ascertainment of the cost, control, and decision-making aspects in this paper. A detailed discussion of cost management, uniform costing, profitability analysis, pricing strategies, cost reduction techniques, financial modeling, and management decision making has been introduced in this subject making the subject more interesting to study and also develops the ability to make sound decisions by having in-depth knowledge.

A major role of Chartered Accountants is playing the role of a trusted advisor to the management. This paper prepares you to be an expert and to effectively deal as an advisor.This paper has concepts that allow you to make decisions through various Quantitative Techniques like Make or Buy decisions, shutting down decisions, replacement decisions, etc. ICAI has introduced this paper so that students develop the ability to use Quantitative techniques in business scenarios.

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CA Tarun Jagdish

Question Paper May 2019
Question Paper Nov 2019

Advanced Management Accounting

1 Accounting Standards

Lecture icon  12 Lectures                      Know More

2 Financial Statements of Companies

Lecture icon  12 Lectures                      Know More

3 Profit or Loss Pre and Post Incorporation

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

4 Accounting for Bonus Issue

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

5 Internal Reconstruction

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

6 Amalgamation

Lecture icon  8 Lectures                      Know More

7 Average Due Date and Account Current

Lecture icon  7 Lectures                      Know More

8 Self Balancing Ledgers

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

9 Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organisations

Lecture icon  9 Lectures                      Know More

10 Accounts from Incomplete Records

Lecture icon  7 Lectures                      Know More

11 Hire Purchase and Instalment Sale Transactions

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

12 Investment Accounts

Lecture icon  3 Lectures                      Know More

13 Insurance Claims for Loss of Stock and Loss of Profit

Lecture icon  7 Lectures                      Know More

14 Issues in Partnership Accounts

Lecture icon  25 Lectures                      Know More

15 Accounting in Computerised Environment

Lecture icon  1 Lectures                      Know More

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