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Paper 2

Strategic Financial Management

About Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management is popularly referred to as SFM. It helps you to understand various concepts related to decisions in financial management like financing decisions, investment decisions and dividend decisions. This subject is revised keeping in mind the advent of globalisation and huge number of cross border transactions. Developments in the Indian financial system is given equal significance along with the International evolution of finance.

Every CA needs to have technical knowledge about SFM. You need to know about investment decisions, dividend decisions, valuation, securities, risk analysis & management, etc. so that you build logical reasoning and strategic thinking skills so that you can apply this in the practical environment.    You will find many career options in this subject too!

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CA Lijil Lakshman


CA Chinmaya Hegde


CA Vageesh Hegde


Venkitakrishnan Hariharan

Question Paper May 2019
Question Paper Nov 2019

Strategic Financial Management

1 Financial Policy And Corporate Strategy

Lecture icon  1 Lectures                      Know More

2 Project Planning And Capital Budgeting

Lecture icon  23 Lectures                      Know More

3 Leasing Decisions

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

4 Dividend Decisions

Lecture icon  3 Lectures                      Know More

5 Indian Capital Market

Lecture icon  52 Lectures                      Know More

6 Security Analysis

Lecture icon  22 Lectures                      Know More

7 Portfolio Theory

Lecture icon  5 Lectures                      Know More

8 Financial Services In India

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

9 Mutual Funds

Lecture icon  6 Lectures                      Know More

10 Money Market Operations

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

11 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) And International Financial Management

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

12 Foreign Exchange Exposure And Risk Management

Lecture icon  21 Lectures                      Know More

13 Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Lecture icon  8 Lectures                      Know More

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