CA Lijil Lakshman

About the Faculty

CA Lijil Lakshman, is an Associate Chartered Accountant based out of Kochi, Kerala with diverse teaching experience. His journey as a teacher has taken him to multiple locations & academies in South India. Having taught more than 5000+ students, he is well known in the teaching circles of Kerala. He is also an All India Rank holder (AIR 1) in Finance and Accounts for the Certified Associate from Indian Institute of Banking Exam. 

Teaching Experience 

In a  teaching career spanning more than 5 years during which he has taught over 5000+ students. CA Lijil Lakshman always feels happy when he holds the microphone and explains something to the audience. The moment he started enjoying public speaking and lecturing, he had decided in his mind that his purpose is to influence the younger ones and provide solutions to their learning hurdles. He decided to call off his fancy banker job and moved to practice to find time for teaching and ever since he is a full time lecturer. 

My teaching philosophy: A Teacher should be a facilitator and problem solver to students seeking knowledge. A good teacher will be such that, a student will be able to remember him and his teachings even in his absence, because that is the kind of impact a good teacher has on his students. 

Employment Experience 

CA Lijil Lakshman, started his employment career at Federal Bank Limited as a Financial Analyst and worked there for 3 years where he handled core finance and banking functions.

Practice Experience 

He is currently working as Partner in Charge of the Kochi Branch of LDS&Co, Chartered Accountants. He has been in practice for the last one and a half years. 

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab 

My approach to teaching is to categorise topics into concepts & numerical question types. It is very important to understand the concepts in full before moving into problems. All concepts are explained with logic and practical examples for easy understanding. Higher number of problems are also solved in the lectures to ensure that the students have enough exam practice. Each question is solved by the student first before answers being discussed to enable them to get a real classroom feeling. 

My advice to Professional Students 

As a student, you should be serious about studies and concentrate on excelling in the professional courses that you take up. Time Management and Smart work should be skills that every student should focus on gaining .

Hobbies and Other Interests 

He is a Motivational Speaker in various national level conferences. He is also an active blogger and sports lover. 

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Valuation : Strategic Financial Management
Security Valuation : Concept of Security Valuation
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CMA Final (Paper 14)
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