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Paper 2

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

About Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

This subject has 2 parts - Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.

This first part of Legal Aptitude introduces the major legal aspects that are our Constitution of India and certain Business and Commercial legislations.The second part on Logical Reasoning is analytical and kind of brain teaser which is fun learning and solving. It includes learning with number patterns, calculations without formulas, logical relationships, historical data and analysis etc.

ICSI introduces this subject to provide a brief introduction to legal aspects and test students with logical reasoning.This subject also introduces you to the legislations governing Company Secretaries profession, the scope of CS and explains your role and responsibilities which paves way for confident growth in your career.Logical Reasoning also covers aptitude questions that require logical analysis. Solving logical reasoning questions require the application of mind and thinking out of the box. Solving logical questions makes you prepared for further levels of the course.

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CS Shruthi Prakash


Ananth Kumar N


CA Anushree Bansal


Supritha Marla


CS Mohan Kumar B K

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

1 Constitution of India

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

2A Elements of General law - Contract Act

Lecture icon  17 Lectures                      Know More

2B Elements of General law - Law of Torts

Lecture icon  1 Lectures                      Know More

3 Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation

Lecture icon  4 Lectures                      Know More

4 Elements of Company Law

Lecture icon  10 Lectures                      Know More

6 Logical Reasoning

Lecture icon  11 Lectures                      Know More

6 Logical Reasoning

Lecture icon  7 Lectures                      Know More

7 Verbal Reasoning

Lecture icon  5 Lectures                      Know More

8 Non-verbal Reasoning

Lecture icon  5 Lectures                      Know More

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