Jose Kurian

CA Jose Kurian

About the Faculty

CA Jose Kurian is an Associate Chartered Accountant based out of Ernakulam, Kerala. He is a faculty at LearnCab for International Taxation. His qualifications, in addition to being a Chartered Accountant, include DISA certification from ICAI. He is currently pursuing DIIT, a post graduate diploma in International Taxes at ICAI. 

Teaching Experience 

CA Jose Kurian has taught at many institutions spread across Kerala & Tamil Nadu for more than 3 years, during which time he has interacted with over 1000+ students. He feels that online coaching is going to be the future of learning and is excited to reach out to more students through LearnCab. Teaching is something which gives immense satisfaction to CA Jose Kurian. 

My Teaching Philosophy: I feel that my passion to teach, knowledge enhancement, interactions with students and sharing what I know are the best thing about being a teacher. I think that teaching is all about interpreting the subject correctly and understanding the logic connected to a topic rather than blindly memorising the subject. 

Practice Experience 

Though he is comparatively young in his professional practice, he has carved a niche for himself in handling income tax & internal audit related matters in the State of Kerala and Tamil Nadu with clients vouching for his efficiency and timely delivery. 

My Approach to Teaching on LearnCab 

Taxes are all about interpretations. Students should understand the logic so that they don’t have to memorize everything. Conceptual clarity is the key to get through a professional course. I teach the subjects by providing a detailed explanation of the topic covered and use ppts and animations to simplify the concepts. I also go through exam-related questions and analyse them in detail. This way, by leveraging technology, I give the students of LearnCab the best possible chances to succeed, if they work hard.   

Advice to Professional Students 

"Expertise, Patience and Ethics" as the three top qualities that every professional course aspirant should strive for. Learn from your experience, as well as from the books. Every aspirant should have a view or an attitude.  Listen to all the advice and register only what you feel is necessary. 

Hobbies and Other Interests 

He likes to watch movies, travel and to read books.  

Application & Interpretation of Tax Treaties
Base Erossion & Profit Shifting Action Plan 2 and 3
Base Erossion & Profit Shifting Action Plan 12,13,14,15
CA Final (Paper 7)
CMA Final (Paper 16)
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CA Praveen Jain
Professor Subbaraman
CA Rajiv Rabindran

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