CMA Jagadeshwara Rao

About the Faculty

CMA Jagadeshwara Rao is an M.Tech, ACS and FCMA who has published many various research articles in international publications. He has been in practice for about 7 years, and has 30 years’ experience in employment! His teaching experience spans 8 years during which period he has taught over 2000 students. His journey as a professional has been rewarding and he says that during his time, he has managed both very good and naughty students! 

Teaching Experience 

He has 8 years’ teaching experience at VTU university and has taught over 2000 students during this period. He is passionate about teaching and says that it is a great profession and is a way to give back to society in the form of sharing knowledge and experience.  

Employment experience 

He has had over 30 years’ experience in employment.  

Practice experience 

His practice experience spans 7 years’  

My teaching philosophy:  

I believe that a great teacher is one who can pick out those students who are good and honest and does whatever it takes to make them successful. Also, I believe that online teaching is the wave of the future because it enables anytime and anywhere learning.  

How I approach teaching at LearnCab 

My approach is to teach theory by means of problem solution approach. I also focus on solving examination questions.  

My advice to Professional Course Students 

Think thrice before getting in and follow the principle, “Winners never quit, quitters never win.” Also take all papers together in a group because all the subjects are interrelated. You should also be patient and persistent in your studies. 

Hobbies and Other Interests 

When not teaching, CMA Jagadeshwara Rao is fascinated by and involved in electronic product development and energy conservation in industries. He says that if not a teacher, he would be an electronic product developer.  

Introduction to Operation Management

Objectives, Types, Steps, method of demand forecasting

Defination of PM, Characteristics of network analysis
CMA Intermediate (Paper 9)
CA Lijil Lakshman
CA Tarun Jagdish
CA Hariharan

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