CA Hariharan

About the Faculty

CA Hariharan is a Fellow Chartered Accountant residing in Chennai. A faculty at LearnCab, he has extensive experience in teaching as well as practice that spans over a period of 14 years! He has taught well over 20000 students in various esteemed academies and institutions including various ICAI chapters, and is also a founder of several academies including Premier Academy and Best Academy in Chennai. His main area of expertise in teaching is Costing and he is fondly known as the Costing Guru by students. One of his proudest achievements is to handle 38 hours of continuous classes for CA Final costing crash course in Chennai. In addition, he is a recipient of the Chief Minister’s Award and a Gold Medallist. He has appeared in various programmes on T.V. including Doordharshan Podhigai TV,  Jaya TV and Kalaingar news Television to create awareness about professional courses. 

Teaching Experience  

He has well over 14  years’ experience in teaching at various academies and institutions. He is a founder and faculty of two academies in Chennai: Premier Academy and Best Academy. He has also taught at various ICAI chapters in Chennai, Bangalore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Calicut, Ernakulam, Mysore, Coimbatore, Palghat, Kumbakonam, Trivandrum, Tirupati, Nellore, Erode, Trichy, Pondicherry, Alleppey, Hyderabad, Salem & Madurai. 

He has even handled an e-lecture for ICAI Delhi! He has also taught in various colleges in Chennai. During this tenure, he has handled well over 20000 students! He says that online learning is the future because everything is becoming digital and is excited to reach out to more students. His passion is teaching and he says that he would not choose anything over teaching even if it gave him more fame and money!  

My teaching philosophy: I am passionate about teaching and for the past 14 years, every single class has been a learning experience. Not a day goes where I’ve ever had to choose anything over teaching even if it gives me more money and fame. I believe that a hallmark of a good teacher is to be a lifelong learner and use the latest in quality teaching methodology.  

Practice Experience 

Before getting associated with LearnCab, CA Hariharan was in practice for the past 14 years.  

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab  

I approach teaching by solving critical and unique problems in a simplified approach. This will give a better clarity to students. Also, the added VFX makes the lectures more interesting to watch.  

This way, by leveraging technology, and going through practical examples of questions that appear in the exams, I give the students of LearnCab the best possible chances to succeed if they work hard. 

My advice to Professional Students  

As a student, you should work very hard and be determined. Accept failure and strive to overcome challenges. This way, you will grow as a professional as well as a person. Nothing comes easy in life! 

 Hobbies and Other Interests 

In his spare time, CA Hariharan is an avid swimmer, loves to play shuttle and listen to music. A well-rounded life and career! 

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Introduction to Costing
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CA Final (Paper 3)
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