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Paper 4

Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

About Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing deals with the Basics of preparation of accounts for Companies, Sole proprietor, partnership firms and Non-Profit Organisations, bank reconciliation statement. Auditing refers to the examination of Books of Accounts and financial records of Corporate entities considering the Auditing Standards provided by ICAI and the processes to be followed by an Auditor. Auditing is done by an external auditor.  

The knowledge of accounting is of utmost important for a CS. A Company Secretary is required to take to care of compliance of Financial Statements as per Law. He should also have sound knowledge on interpreting and analysing Financial Statements. This paper enables a student to prepare Accounts and analyse the same. The scope of work of Company Secretaries has increased and a practicing Company Secretary can be appointed as Secretarial Auditor for certain class of Companies. As a secretarial auditor, a CS is expected to know basics of Statutory Audit as well. This paper gives insight to students to understand the audit process and how audits are performed.

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CA Malaya Kumar Panda


CS Shruthi Prakash


CA Rochelle Dsa

Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

1 Theoretical Framework

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

2 Accounting Process-I (Recording of Transactions)

Lecture icon  8 Lectures                      Know More

3 Accounting Process-II (Rectification of Errors)

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

5 Bank Reconciliation Statement

Lecture icon  11 Lectures                      Know More

6 Depreciation Accounting

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

7 Preparation of Final Accounts For Sole Proprietors

Lecture icon  7 Lectures                      Know More

8 Partnership Accounts

Lecture icon  22 Lectures                      Know More

9 Joint Venture And Consignment Account

Lecture icon  26 Lectures                      Know More

10 Introduction to Company Accounts

Lecture icon  8 Lectures                      Know More

11 Accounting For Non-profit Organizations

Lecture icon  9 Lectures                      Know More

12 Computerized Accounting Environment

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

13 Concept of Auditing

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

14 Types of Auditing

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

15 Tools of Auditing

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

16 Audit And Auditors Under Companies Act 2013 - Basic Provisions

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

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