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Strategic Management

Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management

CA Intermediate - Paper 7 : Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management

ICAI has introduced this paper Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management at the CA Intermediate level where you are taught about Enterprise Information Systems which cover Automated Business processes, Financial and Accounting systems, Information systems and its components, E-commerce, M-commerce and emerging technologies, Core Banking systems; and Strategic Management which covers Dynamics of a corporate strategy, Strategic management process, Corporate level & business level strategies, Organisation and Strategic leadership and Strategy Implementation and Control.

Always remember, A chain is as strong as its weakest link. All the best! 😉  

Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management
Process, Business Process & EIS
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What is Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management?
  • In recent times, all forms of business entities are adopting computerised accounting. This subject helps students to understand computer-based information systems and their impact on Financial information reported by the entity, business processes risks and controls 
  • Strategic management implementation in the business entity is the need of the day because this world runs on a principle “Survival of the fittest”. It is a managerial process that leads the organisation towards its goals and objectives in a systematic way 
Why has ICAI introduced this paper, Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management, at CA Intermediate Level?
  • To enrich students’ knowledge in Financial accounting in Automated Environment 
  • To be on par with current business practices and emerging technologies  
  • To understand and apply strategic management theories in practical areas 
What are the topics covered in Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management at CA Intermediate Level?  
  • Enterprise Information System: 
  1. Automated Business processes  
  2. Financial and Accounting systems 
  3. Information systems and its components 
  4. E-commerce, M-commerce and emerging technologies 
  5. Core Banking systems 


  • Strategic Management:  
  1. Introduction 
  2. Dynamics of a corporate strategy 
  3. Strategic management process 
  4. Corporate level & business level strategies 
  5. Organisation and Strategic leadership 
  6. Strategy Implementation and Control 
What is the best approach to study Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management?
  • Make your own notes from study material 
  • Use of Institute’s language is important. Therefore, practice well 
  • Writing (or scribbling) as you are reading helps you to pick up concepts 
  • Identify pointers(side-headings) and remember them by-heart. You can elaborate in your own words. For side headings, Institute’s language is a must 
  • Try giving suitable examples wherever possible in case of strategic management 
See how CA Manali Ganediwal and CA TPS Eswaran teach this paper Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management 
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