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icon-lvl-1 CSEET

                   paper-icon   4  Papers   video-icon   140+ Hrs 



Business Communication


Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning


Economic and Business Environment


Current Affairs

Business Communication

This subject nurtures your communication skills and prepares you to get ready to communicate across the organization at all levels, Since professionals are required to present reports, presentations, share vital information formally within and outside the organization, there are expected to have knowledge of various formats of formal business correspondence and good language skills.

12 min

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

This paper in CSEET takes you to various Acts drafted from the Constitution of India and certain Business and Commercial legislation which have a direct bearing on the functioning of companies. This subject also introduces you to your CS Fraternity and explains your role and responsibilities which paves way for confident growth in your career.

14 min

Economic and Business Environment

The study of Economics is vital to get a clear idea of the Market. The study is pivotal to professionals since they have an advisory role to play in the corporate field and advise businessmen and regulatory in the best interest of the nation.

11 min

Current Affairs

This paper is introduced to test students on Current Affairs. Institute expects the students to be updated with the General knowledge on current affairs having national and international importance. The syllabus covers wide aspects including various international bodies, conferences, summits held for sustainability and overall global development and treaties formed for achieving a set goal. It also covers various initiatives and developments in the field of science and technology, IT, Space, etc.

9 min

CSEET Video Lectures Overview

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CSEET Online Classes

ICSI introduces CSEET in place of Foundation Programme.

The registration of CSEET started w.e.f February 3, 2020, and the students appearing/passed in Class 12th examinations are eligible for appearing CSEET.

With the introduction of CSEET, the registration for the foundation has been discontinued. However, those students who have already registered for Foundation exams, can still give Foundation exams and gain entry to the CS Executive Programme. The existing Foundation students can give exams until the expiry of their registration.


CSEET shall be a computer-based online test conducted on a single day.

Pattern – MCQs and Viva Voce

Number of Papers – 4 papers

  • Paper 1 – Business Communication 
  • Paper 2 – Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
  • Paper 3 – Economics and Business Environment
  • Paper 4 – Current Affairs


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CSEET Papers