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Corporate Laws & Other Laws

Corporate and Other Laws

CA Intermediate - Paper 2 : Corporate and Other Laws

ICAI has introduced this paper corporate and other laws at CA Intermediate Level where you are taught sections 1 to 48 of the Companies Act 2013, and The Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Sec 123 onwards (specific sections), The negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, The General clauses Act, 1897 and the Interpretation of statutes. 

“Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction” - Wish you all the best 😉 

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More about Corporate and Other Laws

What are Corporate and Other laws?
  • Most business establishments are incorporated in the form of a Corporate. There are various laws applicable for different types of transactions carried out by a business concern such as raising capital, obtaining loan, purchase of goods, etc. This paper intends to achieve familiarity of corporate and other laws to analyse and apply the provisions of law 
Why did ICAI introduce this paper, Corporate and Other Laws, at CA Intermediate Level?
  • To prepare CA Intermediate students to face the corporate world with confidence in analysing & applying provisions of the Dynamic Corporate Law and other laws 
What are the topics covered in Corporate and Other laws at CA Intermediate Level?  
    1.  Companies Act, 2013 – 60 marks 
  • " The Companies Act 2013 – Sec 1 to 148 "

    2.  Other Laws – 40 marks 

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Sec 123 onwards (specific sections) 
  • The negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 
  • The General clauses Act, 1897 
  • Interpretation of statutes
What is the best approach to study Corporate and Other laws?
  • Volume of syllabus is huge so, prepare your own short notes while studying so that it helps you to revise 
  • Watch out for amendments. Make sure you are reading the right book applicable for your Exam say for CA Intermediate May 2019 
  • Do not quote wrong section references in your exams. This will cost you dearly 
  • Follow the format given by the institute while answering:  
  1. Provisions applicable 
  2. Facts of the case 
  3. Analysis 
  4. Conclusion   
  • General clauses Act and Interpretation of statutes are additions to the Old syllabus. These two chapters helps you to understand all the laws easily  
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