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Corporate Laws & Other Laws

Corporate Laws and Economic Laws

CA Final - Paper 4 : Corporate Laws and Economic Laws

ICAI has introduced this paper, Corporate Laws and Economic Laws, at the CA Final level where the focus is on The Companies Act 2013 and rules from Sec 149 onward, Corporate secretarial practice, Securities laws and Economic Laws. 

“Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction” - Wish you all the best 😉  

Corporate Laws and Economic Laws
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More about Corporate Laws and Economic Laws

What are Corporate and Economic laws?
  • Corporate and Economic laws is one of the dynamic subjects at the CA Final level. It consists of 2 parts 1) Companies Act,2013, Corporate secretarial practices, Securities law and 2) Economic laws  
  • This paper enables you to understand and appreciate the lawmaker’s objective if studied with true spirit   
Why did ICAI introduce this paper, Corporate and Economic Laws at the CA Final Level?
  • As per ICAI, you are expected to have the ability to analyse, interpret and apply the provisions of the Companies Act and when it comes to other laws ability to analyse provisions is enough  
  • The society thinks a CA knows everything and so, to meet the expectations of the market, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of Company law and a fair idea of other laws  
What are the topics covered in Corporate and Economic laws at CA final Level?
  • The Companies Act 2013 and rules from Sec 149 onwards  
  • Corporate secretarial practice – Drafting of Notices, Resolutions Minutes and Reports  
  • Securities laws – Securities Contract Regulation Act, Securities Exchange Board of India Act with rules  
  •  Economic Laws – FEMA Act, 1999, SARFAESI Act, 2002, PMLA 2002, FCRA,2010, Arbitration and conciliation Act,1996, and IBC,2016 
What is the best approach to study Corporate and Economic laws?
  • The volume of syllabus is huge, and so, prepare your own short notes. Notes have to be prepared simultaneously while studying  
  • Watch out for amendments and do not miss amendments in Economic laws. Make sure that the study material you are reading from is applicable for your exam, say for CA Final May 2019 
  • Do not quote wrong section references in your exams. This will cost you a lot of marks  
  • Follow the format given by the institute while answering:   
  • Provisions applicable  
  • Facts of the case  
  • Analysis  
  • Conclusion    
  • CA Final Corporate and Economic laws is one subject wherein concepts are tested and just not memory. Therefore, preparation strategy should be made accordingly 
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