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FREE LIVE Fast Track Revision Classes(ENGLISH) for

Paper 9: Operations Management

CMA Intermediate

Dec 2020 Attempt

*CMA Jagadeshwara Rao*


10 Hours of Live Class

Limited Seats

22nd November

Operation means the main business activity of an organization i.e production of goods and services. An organization operates in the environment of risk and uncertainty which is the result of the operation of multiple forces i.e. economic, technological, legal, political, social and global. Good operational management is crucial for a successful organization. We are conducting a 1 day full LIVE fast track revision class covering the most important topics and questions in the Paper 9  Operations management for CMA Intermediate students who are planning to appear for their exams this December.

The classes will be interactive using a Live Chat Option where you can have our concerns addressed by the faculty. You can access the live classes channel in any device of your choice.

The classes will start at 9 AM IST and end at 7 PM IST, with breakfast breaks at 10.00 AM IST - 10.30 AM IST, followed by lunch breaks at 12.30 PM IST - 1.30 PM IST, tea/coffee breaks at 4.30 PM IST - 4.45 PM IST 

Why CMA Jagadeshwara Rao?

Vast Experience

CMA Jagadeshwara Rao has taught more than 2,000 students in the last 8+ Years

Just-In-Time Revision

Complete the Revision just in time for your exams.

Targeted Coaching

Coverage of the most important questions for Dec 2020 attempt

Live Examples

Teaching with live examples from practical life


10 Hours including doubts clarification

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Fast Track Revision Class - CMA

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