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Capital Markets & Securities Laws

Capital Market and Securities Laws

CS Executive (Old Syllabus) - Paper 6 : Capital Market and Securities Laws

 ICSI has introduced this paper Capital Markets & Securities Laws at the CS Executive level (Old Syllabus) where you will learn about the functioning of Capital Markets in India as well as laws that govern entities listed on Stock Exchanges in India. 

Capital Market and Securities Laws
Overview of Capital Market
Indian Depository Receipts
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What is Capital Markets & Securities Laws?
  • The functioning of Capital markets in India and its working constitute Part A of the Paper- Capital markets 
  • Securities Law relate to the rules and regulations and legislation that govern the entities that are listed on Stock Exchanges in India 
Why has ICSI introduced this paper, Capital Markets & Securities Laws, at CS Executive Level?
Securities law is one of the core areas of practice and expertise for a Company Secretary. At this level you will be studying various provisions under the Securities Law, its rules and regulations such as Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act 1956, SEBI-Listing Regulations, issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements, Insider Trading etc. Expert level knowledge in this subject is expected to apply the legal provisions and solve case studies.
What are the topics covered in Capital Markets & Securities Laws at CS Executive Level?
  • Overview of Capital Market 
  • Capital Market Instruments and Rating 
  • Securities Market Intermediaries 
  • Debt Market 
  • Money Market 
  • Securities Contracts (Regulations) Act 1956 
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 
  • SEBI- Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements, Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements 
What is the best approach to study Capital Markets & Securities Laws paper?
  • It is highly recommended to refer to the Bare Act for studying Law related subjects. The ICSI material is also very helpful as the procedures and rules are given in a systematic order. A combination of studies from the Bare Act and ICSI study material is recommended. 
  • Make short notes of your own 
  • Prepare flowcharts, tables and represent each topic either pointwise or in a illustrative manner. This will help you break complex paragraphs into simple sentences. 
  • Since there have been many amendments in Securities Laws, follow the updates and amendments to keep yourself updated. 
  • Do not skip any topic. 
  • Read about latest business news and developments in companies to quote practical examples in the paper. This will also help you understand concepts better while preparation. 
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