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Business Laws Ethics and Communication


Cost Accounting and  Financial Management




Advanced Accounting


Auditing and Assurance


📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

Accounting is the ‘Universal Language of Business’. It is the vehicle for reporting financial information about a business entity to the stakeholders.You have been familiarized with the fundamental concepts, conventions, policies and principles of Accounting at the CA Foundation level. And at IPCC level, you will be learning Accounting Standards, preparation of financial statements and accounting for company accounts.

25 min

Business Laws and Ethnic and Communication

📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

Chartered Accountants are expected to have knowledge of various business and commercial laws for giving valuable suggestions and opinions. Company law is the legislative enactment for the administration and regulation of Companies. In CA IPCC, Company Law is introduced in your syllabus to give you brief insights about the formation, administration, management and conduct of the affairs of the companies.

Business Laws, Ethics and Communication-1
19 min

 Cost Accounting and Financial Management

📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

Many a time you find Price variations in 2 similar products of different industries. This price difference is influenced by various factors such as the difference in method and rates of depreciation, labor cost, rent, or price and efficiency of plant and machinery, etc. which directly influences the cost of the product.

Cost Accounting and Financial Management-1
40 min


📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

Taxes are the greatest source of revenue for the Government. Various developments, activities, facilities, an expenditure of every other kind made by the Government for the welfare of the society is from the contribution of the people in the form of tax.

18 min
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Advanced Accounting

📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

Financial statements are considered as the report that quantifies the financial performance of the company. Management of the company prepares the financial statements and only when auditor issues audit certificate, such audited financial statements are considered as reliable by stakeholders.

Advanced Accounting-1-2
13 min

Auditing and Assurance

📚 11 - Chapters          🌐 English | Series 

In today’s business world, we find all the manual accounting being automated to make enterprises handle large volumes of transactions more efficiently. Automation of businesses improves the functions of an enterprise by integrating the business processes with the Information system.

Auditing and Assurance-1
6 min

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