Chartered Accountancy (CA) Course

 A brief overview of the CA Course that covers all papers of all levels, examination requirements, how to register and appear for the CA examinations, and practical training requirements

A Brief Overview of the CA Course

The Chartered Accountancy Course (CA Course) and Profession in India falls under the purview of the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), New Delhi, India.

The CA course takes, on average, around 5 years to complete and is one of the most prestigious professional courses in India. The course itself consists of a theoretical component and practical requirements.

If you are looking for information about the CA course in general, study material and passing tips, you’ve come to the right place.

On this page, we have gathered all the resources you will need to pass the CA course. You get:

  • A brief overview of the CA Course, examination requirements, how to register and appear for the CA examinations, and practical training requirements
  • An idea of the content availability on the platform including paper descriptions, tips on how to pass each paper, topics covered, information about faculty who teach each paper, demo video lectures, downloadable notes, etc.
  • Tips on how to pass the examinations including tips on how to tackle MCQs, effective memorisation techniques, steps to be taken before, during and after examinations, etc.

The CA Course consists of a theoretical component as well as practical training requirements. The CA Course is regulated by the ICAI. Here are more details about the ICAI, its functions and responsibilities:

The theoretical component consists of three levels of examination:

Here are resources that give you information about each level of the CA Examination:

And here's more information about each paper of the exams in the CA Course.


Now, once you have found out all about the exams, you must know how to register and appear for them. But before you do that, why don't you try out our online video lectures that cover the entire syllabi of all the papers of the CA Course.

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Here are the steps on how to register and appear for the different levels of the CA Course: 

The steps to register and appear for the CA Final Exam are similar.

In addition to these examinations, there are several short courses related to IT and soft skills training that form part of the CA Course. These are:

The practical training component consists of 3 years’ Articleship training where an aspiring CA woks under either a practicing CA or a Here are the resources that talk about the practical training in detail:

And here is a resource that gives you the entire step by step process on how to become a CA:


Tips on How to Pass the CA Course

While the CA Course is not intrinsically very difficult, it does require a great deal of effort and determination in order to pass. To that end, you must learn how to study efficiently and diligently. Here are resources we have gathered to give you tips on how to pass the CA Course, what to do just before the exams, during the exams and after becoming a CA:

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