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Business Environment and Law

About Business Environment and Law

Business environment is the study of all factors that affect the business, forms of business and organisations. The study of Business Environment enables any organisation to successfully conduct its business with a dynamic approach.Business Laws regulate the relationship of Business and profession with the society. They are essential to regulate and govern the business and its interaction with people.

It is important for CS aspirants to understand business, its needs, factors that affect business, the opportunities and threats that beckon any business organisation. This enables you to know different forms of business, its boundaries and overall functioning of organisations.Law is one of the most important subjects for a Company Secretary. Introduction to Business Laws enables a student to understand basics of Law, legal terminologies and interpretation of Acts that govern business entities; this forms a stepping stone for further studies of Law related subjects. A student is expected to have thorough knowledge about the basics and fundamentals of Law, since it forms part of core subjects in the Executive and Professional levels.Also, as Company Secretaries, your core area of practice and expertise will revolve around different Laws of the country, so, a clear understanding of concepts will ensure that the basics are stronger to gear up for the next levels. 

Exam Information

Duration:         3 hours

Weightage:         100 Marks


CS Shruthi Prakash


CS Akshata Rao


CA Anushree Bansal


CS Harish V K

1 Business Environment

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

2 Forms of Business Organization

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

3 Scales of Business

Lecture icon 1 Lectures                      Know More

4 Emerging Trends in Business

Lecture icon  1 Lectures                      Know More

5 Business Functions

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

6 Introduction to Law

Lecture icon  2 Lectures                      Know More

7 Elements of Company Law

Lecture icon  11 Lectures                      Know More

8 Indian Partnership Act,1932

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

9 Indian Contract Act,1872

Lecture icon  14 Lectures                      Know More

10 Sale of Goods Act, 1930

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

11 Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

Lecture icon  6 Lectures                      Know More

12 Elements of Information Technology Act

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

13 Role of Company Secretery

Lecture icon Lectures                      Know More

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