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How to Register and Appear for The ICSI CS Professional Exam

by Swati, on 21 Apr, 2019 6:00:00 PM

Attempting the ICSI CS Professional Course this year?

Let us help you register.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Those of you have registered for the June 2019 exam, know that the exam starts from 1/06/2019 and continues on until 10th June. The result will be declared on 25/08/2019. Here's the exam timetable released by ICSI if you want more details.

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you will see, there are three levels of the Company Secretary Course from ICSI and if you haven’t, here’s where you can start.

Today, we are going to talk about the registration process for the CS Professional Course that you will be eligible for only after you clear the CS Executive course.

Let's begin.

How to Register and Appear for the CS Professional Exam

You should first know a few brief details of the CS Professional course and registration deadlines.

Let us now look at what those are.

Brief Details of the CS Professional Exam

The CS Professional exam (new syllabus) consists of several papers separated into three modules or groups. Take a look at the new syllabus for the CS Professional Exam applicable from June 2018:

Papers of CS Professional Exam (New Syllabus)
Module Name Paper Details
Module 1 Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics
Advanced Tax Laws
Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances
Module 2 Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence 
Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidation & Winding-up
Resolution of Corporate Disputes, Non-Compliances & Remedies
Module 3 Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges
Multidisciplinary Case Studies (The examination for this paper will be open book examination)

Electives 1 paper out of below 8 papers:

  • Banking – Law & Practice
  • Insurance– Law & Practice
  • Intellectual Property Rights– Laws and Practices
  • Forensic Audit
  • Direct Tax Law & Practice
  • Labour Laws & Practice
  • Valuations & Business Modelling
  • Insolvency – Law and Practice
(The examination for this paper will be open book examination)

As we said, these are the papers for the new syllabus. We will not go into the details of the old syllabus here.

Now, if you had registered before September 2018 under the old scheme of training, you can switch over if you so opt. The next section shows you how. (Ignore this if this doesn't apply to you.)

Switch-over Process From 2012 Old Syllabus to 2017 New Syllabus

As mentioned, if you had registered before September 2018 under the old syllabus, you can switch over to the new syllabus if you want. 

To switch-over, login in by enter your details on the student login page and find the switch over option in the module tab. Fill in the form that pops up to apply for the switch-over. You'll get a confirmation message on your screen when you are done.

For your convenience, ICSI has released a little booklet outlining the procedure in detail. Check it out.

Also, if you had gained exemptions in any paper from the old syllabus, you may be able to gain an exemption in the new syllabus as well depending on the paper.

The table shows the equivalent paper-wise exemptions:

Paper-wise Exemption from Old Syllabus (2012) to New Syllabus (2017)
Old Syllabus (2012) Paper-wise exemption under New Syllabus (2017)
Advanced Company Law and Practice Module 2; Paper 6 - Resolution of Corporate Disputes, NonCompliances &Remedies
Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence Module 2; Paper 4 - Secretarial Audit, Compliance Management and Due Diligence
Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency Module 2; Paper 5 - Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency, Liquidations & Winding-up
Information Technology and Systems Audit No Exemption
Financial, Treasury and Forex Management Module-3, Paper- 7- Corporate Funding & Listings in Stock Exchanges
Ethics, Governance and Sustainability Module 1; Paper 1- Governance, Risk Management, Compliances and Ethics
Advanced Tax Laws and Practice Module 1; Paper 2 - Advanced Tax Laws
Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings Module 1; Paper 3 - Drafting, Pleadings and Appearances
Elective Subjects Module 3; Paper 9 - Elective paper

Note that you CANNOT register for the old syllabus if you are going to register for the CS Professional Exam for the first time. You'll have to register and appear for the new syllabus examination.

Now, let's look in detail about registration deadlines.

CS Professional Registration Deadlines

The exam is held twice yearly: once in December and the other in June. Depending on whether you want to appear for one or more modules of the CS Professional exam, registration deadlines vary.

CS Professional Registration Deadlines
Details of Particulars Cut-off Dates
Last date to register for all modules of CS Professional in June Attempt 31st August of the previous year i.e. if you are attempting the exam in June 2020, last date to register for all modules is 31st August, 2019
Last date to register for any one module of CS Professional in June Attempt 30th November of previous year i.e. if you are attempting the exam in June 2020, last date to register for any one module is 30th November 2019
Last date to register for all modules of CS Executive in December attempt 28th February of the same year (or 29th in case of leap year) i.e if you are attempting the exam in December 2020, last date to register for all modules is 29 February, 2020
Last date to register for any one module of CS Executive in December attempt 31st May of the same year i.e. if you are attempting the exam in December 2020, last date to register for any one module is 31st May, 2020

Now, let’s look at the fee structure for CS Professional Registration.

Fee Structure for CS Professional Registration

The total fees for registration for CS Professional is Rs. 12,000. You will get a discount of Rs. 2,000 if you do not get the study material from the Institute at the time of registration. We suggest that you do obtain this study material because it will help you in your preparation.

ICSI also has concessions for differently-abled students, widows of martyrs, etc. You can find full details about the concessions in this booklet released by ICSI.

Now, let's move on to the CS Professional Registration Procedure.

CS Professional Registration Procedure

There is no CS Professional Registration form as such, since all your information is already in the ICSI system from when you registered for the Executive course.

Your first step is to log on to the ICSI website and click on ‘Online Services’. In the drop down, select student portal.

ICSI Student Registration Portal

Login to the portal with your registration number and password from when you had registered for CS Foundation/Executive. 

Under the ‘Students’ option, click on ‘My Account’ followed by the ‘Payment Requests’ tab. Under this tab, you can choose the ‘Professional Registration’ option.

Then you should upload the necessary documents. The documents required for CS Professional Registration are mark sheets of both modules of your Executive Programme. On the same page, you will be asked to make the payment for the course fee i.e. Rs 12,000.

Once you have made your payment, your registration is complete. In order to be sure, you can also check your CS Professional Registration status. You can then go to the ‘Others’ tab and you will be able to download your ID card as well as your registration letter.

These are all the CS Professional Registration details that you have to keep in mind while registering.

For those you who have opted for this online registration for CS Professional course, you will receive your exam study material via post from ICSI’s main store in Noida.

For your convenience, ICSI has released a booklet detailing the registration procedure. You may want to study it for more details.

In order to have a hassle-free and smooth examination experience, keep the following things in mind:

  • All candidates require a physical copy of their Admit Card as well as a student ID card before entering the examination hall, and must produce it when asked.
  • If for any reason, the candidate’s ID card does not have their photo, they must affix a new photograph and have it attested by a gazetted officer or a member of the ICSI board. A copy of the IDs will also be handed over to the Superintendent of Examination Centre.
  • Banned items in examination hall include books, study material, electronics such as phones, Bluetooth devices, tablets, etc.
  • Note: The candidates must appear in all the papers they’ve enrolled in. If you are absent for even one of the papers, it will be a ‘Fail’ in the overall examination.

If you are looking for some extra guidance, you can sign up with LearnCab and get access to CS video lectures for all modules and papers given by our reputed faculty members. Avail your free trial now and unveil the new age of learning.

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Hope you register and take the exam successfully! 



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