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by Bharat, on 30 Nov, 2018 4:07:44 PM

Brief Overview of The Post The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has, as of July 2017, changed its entry level requirements into the Chartered Accountancy course. The change …

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by Bharat, on 28 Nov, 2018 11:55:04 AM

You may recall that costing is nothing but the process of ascertaining or determining the expenditure incurred for producing a product or rendering a service. From the manufacturer’s point of …

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by Bharat, on 15 Nov, 2018 11:48:47 PM

So, it is quite clear that many students face extreme difficulty in the costing paper in CA Intermediate. In fact, students face difficulty in understanding the questions in the paper …

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by Bharat, on 14 Nov, 2018 7:15:41 PM

Among many, many students, there are rumours going around that the evaluation of exam papers by ICAI is not fair. Rumours saying that ICAI slashes marks willy-nilly. These rumours stem …

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