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Auditing and Assurance

Auditing and Assurance

CA Intermediate - Paper 6 : Auditing and Assurance

ICAI has introduced this paper Auditing & Assurance at the CA Intermediate level where you are taught about Nature, Objective & Scope of Audit, Audit strategy, Planning and Programme, Audit Documentation & Evidence, Risk Assessment and Internal control, Fraud and Responsibilities of Auditor in this regard, Audit sampling, procedures, Analytical procedures, Audit of items of financial statements (Vouching & verification), Company Audit & Audit report and Audit of Banks and different types of entities.

Note to be pointed! 😉 “Only auditors can save the world through peace and reconciliation.”   

Auditing and Assurance
SA 230 Audit Documentation
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More about Auditing and Assurance

What is Auditing & Assurance?
  • Chartered Accountants are popularly known as “Auditors” 
  • Auditing in simple words means the process of verification. Auditing is one of the areas where authority is given exclusively for Chartered Accountants 
  • This subject provides insights to the basic concepts of auditing that must be followed in practical scenarios 
  • “Auditing is a melting pot of all other subjects may it be accounting, Law, taxation or even EIS ”
Why has ICAI introduced this paper, Auditing & Assurance, at CA Intermediate Level?
  • This paper enables you to understand about key areas in auditing such as various types of audit opinion, audit report format, obligations required under various laws, etc. 
  • An auditor ought to have expert knowledge of the subject and hence this paper is set as a foundation for practical training & CA Final 


What are the topics covered in Auditing & Assurance at CA Intermediate Level?
  • Nature, Objective & Scope of Audit, Audit strategy, Planning and Programme 
  • Audit Documentation & Evidence 
  • Risk Assessment and Internal control 
  • Fraud and Responsibilities of Auditor in this regard 
  • Audit sampling, procedures, Analytical procedures 
  • Audit of items of financial statements (Vouching & verification) 
  • Company Audit & Audit report 
  • Audit of Banks and different types of entities 
What is the best approach to study Auditing & Assurance?
  • It is a common misconception that Auditing & Assurance is a theory paper; indeed, it is the most practical oriented paper in the CA course 
  • While answering any question, think with an open-mind, do not limit the answers to auditing text books. Relate it to knowledge gained in other subjects, link it and write all the relevant points 
  • Write hand-written notes. This has 2 advantages: (i) You analyse while you write and (ii) They are your last-minute saviour 
  • Try using the same language of standards as used in the books 
  • Start speaking in Auditing language!  
  • Do not quote incorrect SA numbers or wrong sections 
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