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CS Akshata Rao

About the Faculty

CS Akshata Rao, is an Associate Company Secretary residing in Bangalore. She is a faculty at LearnCab and also works full-time in the Content Team. Her qualifications include a post graduate degree in HR (PGDM-HR) and a B.Com from Bangalore University. Her journey as a professional is a blend of smart work and dedication. This has enabled her to achieve many successes both as a student and a professional. As a student, she secured the highest marks in Securities Law and Capital markets-CS Executive in South India.

Teaching Experience 

She was a faculty at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), Bangalore Chapter for more than 24 months during which time she taught over 250+ students.  

She thinks that online coaching is going to be the future of teaching and learning for professional courses like CA, CS and CMA. She is excited to reach out to more students by being a faculty at LearnCab  

CS Akshata Rao’s passions has always been to connect with and mentor students, which she always feels is the most interesting aspect of being a teacher. 

My teaching philosophy: I am passionate about teaching and love connecting with students. I believe that a teacher should connect to students as a friend, philosopher, guide and mentor so that the students can develop holistically. 

Employment Experience 

Before getting associated with Learncab, CS Akshata Rao, started her career at BMP & Co, Bangalore, where some of the key areas of her work included assisting in Mergers & Acquisitions and secretarial audit for the clients of the firm and making NCLT appearances for various client dispute resolutions. 

How I approach Teaching on LearnCab 

Teaching via means of pre-recorded online video lectures comes with its own set of interesting challenges. After all, real time interaction is not always possible. Having said that, I do believe that online teaching is the way of the future – if done well. To that end, at LearnCab, I teach the subjects by providing a detailed explanation of content. I use illustrative ppts and animation to get the concepts across. I provide a lot of opportunities for revision, and I go through exam-related questions and analyse the pattern. 

This way, by leveraging technology, and going through practical examples of questions that appear in the exams, I give the students of LearnCab the best possible chances to succeed if they work hard. 

My advice to Professional Students 

As a student, you should concentrate on excelling in the subject for professional success. By this I mean that you should not just merely memorize concepts to pass the exams, you should understand them at a deeper level. You might get lucky with simple memorisation and pass an exam or two. But, in the long run, without understanding the concepts deeply, or studying with the sole purpose of passing the exams will not help you in the future as a professional. In other words, even though you are a student, you must think like a professional! 

Hobbies and Other Interests 

CS Akshata Rao loves public speaking and has been an anchor for many stage events. She also loves to paint, and you can find her indulging in this activity, during her spare time. 

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