CA  Rochelle Adeline D'sa

About the Faculty

CA Rochelle Adeline Dsa, is an Associate Chartered Accountant based out of Mangalore. Her journey as a teacher has taken her to multiple academies in Karnataka & Kerala. A multi-talented CA, if there ever was one, her interests are not only limited to teaching, but she is a singer, plays the guitar and keyboard and has even learnt the complex art of Ballroom Dancing. Even though her teaching career is at a nascent stage, she derives inspiration from her own teachers at the CA Final stage and aims to emulate them one day. 

Teaching Experience 

CA Rochelle derives immense pleasure in interacting with students on any topic, so what started as a part time job before she completed her CA, is now a full-time career choice. Her experience in teaching spans about 2 years during which time she already taught over 600 students! 

My teaching philosophy: I think that a teacher should be a facilitator and problem solver to students seeking knowledge. A good teacher will be such that, a student will be able to remember him and his teachings even in his absence, because that is the kind of impact a good teacher has on his students. 

Employment Experience 

After becoming a CA, she embarked on a teaching career right away 

How I approach teaching on LearnCab 

My approach to teaching is very simple. I focus on simplifying the basic understanding of each concept, so that students have a strong base in the topic. I also question their understanding of each topic in the quiz, so as to clarify maximum number of doubts. 

My advice to Professional Students 

Look at the bigger picture, there is learning not just in academics and exams but also in the entire experience of the course. Focus on your overall well-being and not just passing of exams. 

Hobbies and Other Interests 

She has various interests: she is a singer, plays guitar and keyboard, learnt Ballroom dancing, involved in arts and crafts, and is also interested in personality development training. 

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Meaning of Accounting
Accounting Standards & Ind AS
CA Foundation (Paper 1)
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CA Vikas Oswal
CA Anand P Jangid

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